Label non-backup nodes

If your application cluster consists of non-backup nodes (whose applications and data are not backed up by Portworx Backup), you can apply a predefined label ( for such nodes. You can apply this label for all license types. Portworx Backup cluster identifies nodes with this label and excludes those nodes from the license count.

To flag a node as a non-backup node, run the following commands.

  1. Verify whether the predefined label, is associated with the node:

       kubectl get nodes --show-labels|grep
  2. If no, apply the predefined label:

      kubectl label node <nodename>
    NOTE: After a node is labeled as a non-backup node, Portworx Backup skips this node for licensing and displays the reduced node count in the license page after a few minutes.
  • To remove the label and convert a node to a backup node later, run the below command:

    kubectl label node <nodename>

Last edited: Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022