Backup CRDs with operator

Backup CRDs in multiple groups with operator

If you are running applications with operator deployments having CRDs in multiple groups you can use:

  • TRIM_CRD_GROUP_NAME operator in kdmp-config map to enable Stork to back up all these CRDs.

To enable Stork to create a backup:

  1. Run the following command to edit the kdmp-config config map present in the kube-system namespace:

    kubectl edit cm kdmp-config -n kube-system
  2. Add the following parameter along with common group name in the data section:

    TRIM_CRD_GROUP_NAME: <common_group_name>

    Let us consider an example below where group names are,, and Clearly, group names are different though they belong to same operator and the common group name is In such cases, update the config map with the common group name:

Last edited: Wednesday, Apr 26, 2023